Journal History

Management & Accounting Expose : Journal Management & Accounting Exposepublished by Sahid Jakarta University time in June 1999 as a media journal / scientific magazine in the social field at Sahid Jakarta University Environment, later better known as the journal Management & Accounting Expose.

, currently Management & Accounting Expose.

is in collaboration with the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA).

This scientific journal contains scientific papers for the social sciences and humanities. In its development, the Management & Accounting Expose. Journal experienced a period / accreditation period, occurred for the first time in the year / period 2004-2008 (Accredited A), in the second year / period in 2009-2012 the  Management & Accounting Expose Journal experienced a period of non-accreditation, and in the year / period 2012-2017 (Accredited B)

Along with the implementation of electronic journals (e-journals) in the high education environment, the Management & Accounting Expose  journal also experienced a change from printed format to an electronic journal, as a whole it began to implement a full electronic system, starting in the March 2017 edition. Since that time a manual management is no longer enforced, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education which requires that every journal published by a higher education institution must be presented in the form of an electronic journal. By making journals in electronic form using the Open Journal System (OJS) will help make it easier for writers and universities to find out the performance or the performance of researchers in a higher education institution

As a multidisciplinary journal on a national scale that covers a variety of issues in the study of social sciences and humanities, this journal also pays attention to the main issues concerning the development of social and humanities including politics, law and economics, economic development and social change including issues such as gender issues, community empowerment, social and government institutions, local knowledge systems, and public health. The aim of the Management & Accounting Expose journal is to disseminate conceptual thoughts as well as the results of research that have been achieved.