The Political Economy of Alternative Digital Media: Music Platforms and Home Casting

Aulia Putri Meidina


ABSTRACT. The existence of digital media presents a new atmosphere for community members.  Digital media encourages alternative media to come in various forms and variations. Although initially alternative media emerged with idealism, because more and more people use alternative digital media, as well as the demands of production costs, alternative digital media cannot be separated from the political economy. This paper is made to see how the political economy in alternative media, especially on music platforms and home casting. The method used in writing this article is literature review. Data sources were searched through Google Scholar and Jstor. The keywords used to search for articles are "political economy of digital alternative media", "political economy of media", and "alternative media". The author sharpens the analysis by using Vincent Moscow's political economy theory. The results of the research found the characteristics and political economy models carried out by alternative digital media, especially in the music and home casting industries.

Kata Kunci

Political Economy; Alternative Digital Media; Music: Home Casting

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