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This research was to map prospective seascapes tourism destination. As results, some challenges occurred in seascapes destination development. Thus, it can be concluded that main activities of seascapes tourism are: cruising, yachting, surfing, leisure fishing and watersport activities i.e. Jet skiing. The development of seascapes tourism destination falls into: (1) Pioneering phase takes place in new-found attraction that it is recently built and has potential tourists; (2) Expansion stage occurred in areas that already exist with certain service quality level and loyal customer; (3) Improvement phase, the area is mature and ready-visit; and (4) Revitalization for saturated destination. It was recommended that marine infrastructure and tourist facilities such as: floating pontoons and dinghy-jetty, F&B establishment and toilet must be constructed. Brand awareness and market penetration are created. Evaluations on existing activities and attractions as well as maintenance of infrastructure, networking and hard-selling act were needed. Sharpen competitive advantages, sustainable marketing strategy; maintain loyalties of tourist, infrastructure and facilities as well as networking are a must. Feature of attraction and activities should be modified, re-adjustment based on tourist’s preference and re-orientation on networking when destination reach revitalization phase.


seascapes, tourism; pioneering;expansion; improvement; revitalization

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