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Jurnal Industri Kreatif dan Kewirausahaan

Jurnal Industri Kreatif dan Kewirausahaan is a journal of Community Service (PKM) but also received Research Results, published by LPPM Sahid University, Jakarta, which is published twice each year, June and December.  This Journal is intended as one of the media in terms of PKM & Research publications resulting from the research activities of academics who have an interest in the fields of Business, Creative Industries, Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprises, Business Management and other research related to the creative and entrepreneurial industries.

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Jurnal Industri Pariwisata

The studies or topics contained in the Jurnal Industri Pariwisata that focused on the Tourism which consists of Culinary Tourism and Shopping, Cultural Heritage, History and Religion, Maritime Tourism, Eco-tourism, Adventure Tourism, Rural Tourism, MICE, Halal Tourism, Application and game development fields, product design fields, fashion fields, film fields, video animation fields, handicraft fields, culinary fields, music fields, performance arts fields, visual arts fields and television / radio fields

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Jurnal Teknologi Pangan dan Kesehatan (Journal of Food Technology And Health)

Media komunikasi dan publikasi bagi para peneliti bidang teknologi pangan dan kesehatan, khususnya gizi. Terbit setiap Mei dan November.


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